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What is Alafia4Wellness?

Alafia4Wellness is a yoga based, lifestyle empowerment company. We offer an assortment of knowledge, skills and experiences to make your life more of the life you choose and less of what your situation has dictated.

Providing classes, inspirational travel, brochures, positive reflections & information is our specialty. We support you being your best YOU, ever.


Our Network Agrees

Alafia Wellness Network offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of holistic health and wellness. Concerned with the wellness of your entire being, Alafia offers superb guidance in yoga, modifying movement to meet each student where they are while challenging them to persevere in their practice. Whatever route you want to take on your journey within, let Alafia guide your experience with love, devotion and the utmost professionalism.

Kelsey Arrington

Kelsey ArringtonCEO
S/O to my favorite yoga instructor, PERIOD! I met Lorena @gonaturaljamaica and she has changed my life. I’ll hold her dedication and caring for her students, near and dear to my heart. In just a few days, Lorena has inspired me to be a better instructor, live to my fullest potential and know it is all possible. If your yogi isn’t on that, you’ve LOST! It’s okay though, you still can book with Alafia4Wellness!


Having experienced Lorena’s approaches to yoga was a gently nudge for my body to get moving again. New synapses fired from fresh poses with my hips and spine. Her pace, tone and flow is beckoningly fluid and uniquely suited for all. Her foundational knowledge keeps you safe, but pushes you at the same time, transforming inside and out. Lorena’s selection of poses were insightful and effective over the time I practiced with her in Cairo. I would highly recommend an Alafia4Wellness retreat or class with Lorena.




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How can I benefit from Alafia4Wellness?

Housed in one location, but traveling to many, Alafia4Wellness gladly connects our clients not only to us but to a premier assortment of other professionals in wellness industries. Through a diverse network of holistic practitioners, travel gurus, sagacious small businesses, we make it easier to find the lifestyle improvements that you need.

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1 year ago

Hello Mrs. Craighead! Hope you are doing amazingly well. This is Alani. Now knows as Alani J. And I want to say I am glad to say hi and reconnect. You were my teacher for my 9th and 10th grades, at the New School for Arts and Sciences.