Peaceful Yoga for groups & privates.
Wellness, through travel retreats, tutoring, mentoring and custom apparel.


About Us

What is Alafia4Wellness?

Alafia4Wellness is a yoga based, lifestyle empowerment company. We offer an assortment of knowledge, skills and experiences to make your life more of the life you choose and less of what your situation has dictated. 

Providing classes, inspirational travel, brochures, positive reflections & information is our specialty. We support you being your best YOU, ever. 


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Our Blog

“Day 32-31: Crown Chakra” on YouTube

iAffirm that:You are.Divine.Fearless.Loving.Balanced.Wise.Expressive.Changing.Centered.Forgiving.Developing.Secure.Grateful. Although my earthly power was out yesterday, I had the blessing of proving to myself that our studies here are working. Very

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How can I benefit from Alafia4Wellness?

Housed in one location, but traveling to many, Alafia4Wellness gladly connects our clients not only to us but to a premier assortment of other professionals in wellness industries. Through a diverse network of holistic practitioners, travel gurus, sagacious small businesses, we make it easier to find the lifestyle improvements that you need.

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