Ahimsa means do no harm

 I was so happy to find and edit this image from Pinterest for you, dear reader. As we approach a Mercury retrograde it is important to thin the amount of clapback in your life. Not that some won’t earn it; but rather resulting from what you want to earn in time, peace and space.

This study of planets and energies may seem new fangled but like the mysteries of magic, the origins or yoga, seeds of faith or Light in metaphorical darkness…every thing old is new again. That is to say that aligning our energies is as real now as it twas in the past. Agape, Dr. King taught us, is the most powerful and infinite Love. In the 1500s in general and Shakespeare’s work in particular, it is evident that energy and karma were a part of life and not shunned as outside of the culture. Before that we see the same “do no harm”, live simply  in Plato’s Republic. Before that in the Jesus’ teaching that the vengeful and often angry God– of the what Christians call the Old Testament but is a big part of the Judaic Torah–is Love. Before that, moral codes appeared in the Yoga Sutras and Limbs. Before that, in the pyramids of KMT as well as all of Africa’s unique & indigenous original people. God is Love. You were made in the image of that Spirit and that powerful, spiritual energy. 

So when you choose silence know, you’re not letting ‘them’ off the hook, you’re placing yourself in the Light. The right Light. Shining Light. Absorbing Light. Reflecting Light. Glowing Light. That’s You, using your power for good and not evil. Avoid mindless repetitions of refusal. The retrograde energy will exacerbate them, unecessarily. Because at every point, you can choose to Let Go.  

So, off you go. Pack your patience. Gently shower yourself with the power of a life rooted in the Yamas, Niyamas…and my personal favorite, in Ahimsa. And then, continue to Shine On

good words...

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