View. Absorb. Appreciate. Egypt.

“I swear you can see 7 different Cairos just driving down Ring Road,” my students and I laughed, but it is true.

There is so much more than and a lilbit less than you must view, absorb and feel. Life, with a new appreciation. This is expat life in Cairo so I am happy here. And it’s crazy– like no place like I’ve ever lived.


I still love the beauty of ordinary life. And it helps not to have to drive. My days offer a meditation where the observant one can lose self in its difference, deference & majesty.


But as Mommi use to say, ” I can show you better than I can tell you.”


Egypt SpiritWalk Tour, with perks. March 2020. I want you with me. Raise Your Power. On the Egypt Tour…

    Yoga; included. Meditation; included. Tarot; included. Five different cities; included. Meals, reflection, transformative travel; included. 

     Over a dozen sacred places; included. Great people ready for a life altering & love amplifying experience; included.


     Join Us, won’t you? Invest in your growth. Allow me to share the peace I’ve learned in Egypt. It’d be my honor.

     Say Yes. With No Regrets, Lorena


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2 years ago

Great article!