It’s all thanks & giving

“Exercise is like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movement. Once you understand the grammar yoga; can write the poetry of your movements.” ~Amit Ray

Two days ago, many Americans had a showing and feeling–any hue, from apathy to obsession–about Thanksgiving. Many know the history behind his story; that Thanksgiving is a holiday of thanks. But that originated in the genocide of the Indigenous Peoples in the Americas while circuitously becoming English ousted and expats’ proud, young United States of America.

Destruction and Birth. Dismantling and Rebuilding. Decimation and Regeneration. The Yang and Yin of Life. The reason we go to our mat or prayer closet or Ma’Dear. I think that’s delving into Amit Ray’s wise words quoted above. We crave spaces of solace and balance. We lean into the hindsight and forethought for comfort and understanding. And in this reflective time, we can lament, be angry, speak out harsh n true… as long as we give powerful thanks, learn humane lessons and fortify future generations in the process.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving another month, just for the food n fellowship or not at all, the journey of life doesn’t change it’s tune as much as its rhythm. From the bold splashes of free verse to water-colored haiku, to tye-dye tanka or the silken tongue twisted sonnet, Life is what we are. Life Is. It’s the poetry of becoming. The sustenance of struggle. The smouldering, incandescent fires of fortune and forgiveness. And mix loving good and eating right and a few other things in there too, to make it yours. Because however you express yourself:

laughing.loving you must show up to show out. Telling painful Truths as long n loudly as Sharing potential Solutions.

Allow any pained past the grace of dimness in emotion–but not dimness of memory–because our Ancestors are worthy of our remembrance and respect. But through those dimest of days maintain the ‘spark‘–that you will be forever be rooted and ready to bloom beautifully–but like a badass in both Giving and Thanks.

Now that’s poetry on and off your mat. For every coming and going, Namaste.

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