“Go All the Way Up”

Bronx businessman, spokesman, badass club banging rapper, actor Joseph Antonio Cartegna has skills, love and longevity. Better known as Fat Joe, smart enough to be married to a Lorena, he has been a king of industry and the family bond. Like TI in the durtySouth, the intellect, music, business and family first approach is a hallmark of the brand, so needed in these days. There’s something gritty and grounding in the music. Something brings you in and along. Journey with your folk from lay-low to legit–never forgetting neither where you came from nor the power of your next move. Stay motivated with anthems that repatriate balance.

Humming past my worries, I realized it was Fat Joe & Remy Ma (the ride-not-die secret keeper)in my head, “nothing can stop me, I’m all the way Up! And you can stay up…ask anybody where I live, they’ll point to the hills and say, ‘go all the way up!'”
This realization gave me power. Metaphorical magic. Mental mojo. Because your mentality is actually where each of us lives. Where the depth of our lives is determined. Whether you physically live in the hills or nah, ‘you can stay up’. And to me, staying up is the best annexation of fear. Move it away. Even when it seems uncertain, know that you’re more likely to go smaller than the universe has conspired. So fear not! Annihilate that which consumes your joy. Prepare to live your dreams. Now.  
This ‘why Fat Joe’ reflection helped me to see my clients better. Semi-afraid to invest in themselves or expensive travel or not knowing how to move from dream to reality, or unsure of how much engagement they want with history, yoga or tarot…I mean I hear & see you. I used to be there; settling. But one of many things learned the longer you live, it’s just that you kind of never know where you stand–until you stand for something.  
So go all the way up! Tell fear to shut up! Plan your work and work your plan. You may not realize it, but you can inspire your self and someone who never thought they could either. Humbled, I recall best b-day shoutouts came from my daughter’s cyber fam following. Young people who see our closeness, our travels, our roses & thorns and say ‘dayum I appreciate you and want to do that too!’ support us by saying so. And motivate me when I fear all and feel small afraid that of this world isn’t meant for me.  
Join our tour of Egypt March 13-23, 2020. We will explore sacred ruins, ancient crafts and expand ourselves through yoga, tourism and tarot. We join paths, because we all carry Wisdom. And company on our journey makes it all the more to grow. Peaceful. Wellness. Decide what you want, and “go all the way up”! My suggestion, Rise in Your Power. Egypt 2020.  

good words...

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