Imani means Faith

It’s gr8 2b alive in 2020. The time is upon us for laser focused with both hind and foresight. Clear Vision bc “hindsight is 20/20”. Be Spiritual and Sustainable. I’m checking myself. But lol the negative self chatter and fear by sharing with others.

I want to be beautifully useful. Creating more powerfully in dream-real-reality communication, integrity and joy. Dream BIG new decade. Faith of a mustard seed. Forgiveness like a mountain. Movement like the wind. Prosperity is Yours. Health is Wealth and their is no SUN shining like you. Dance like erybawdy watching. Sweat and Smile Equity.

_______ you some freedom. Idk if it’s art, music, yoga, teaching, business or building or something I did not say. Whatever pain goes in that blank, whatever you thought when you saw it keeps to freedom–Go with that. Re-remembering what you must to soar. Do No Harm. Be wickedawesome in your “Love & Good Light” …

I believe in you being the you that showed up in this very minute. And I thank you. But I also support your path and your right to empowerment, to being naturally you. Not abusing any resource or trend. Prepared well by Ancestors, family, community, remain gr8ful for good company–and upon this balance your roses and thorns.

Habari Gani? Imani. Thank you for stopping by. It’s the 7th and final day of Kwanzaa. Enjoy your Imani feast of a healthySoul with healthFood and Gratitude for this, a Lovenote to Self and Others; Happy New Year. onelove, Lorena

good words...

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