The Value of Living Fully

Yes it’s 2020! We are in a new decade with the moniker of ‘perfect vision’. I love all the memes and metaphors for greatness of what’s to come. But I’m also a little weirded out by how high the stakes be. Different from the usual ” new year, new you” mantras, the world literally needs us to change. Reflecting upon the volitility of Mother Nature with fires in Australia or California, to peacemaking thru the shards of Father Time…protests for recognition or negotiation for human rights in Hong Kong, the EU & Algeria, to the abuse of power in the White House, the separation of familial obligations that even touch The Crown to seemingly endless battles for Women’s Rights to their bodies or empowered minds, to scientific alterations and new views of love in the LGBTQAA circles, to military malfeasance in Amerikan, Iran, Syria or Turkey — We, the People are relearning shit and shinola we should already know.

So I’ve been a little overwhelmed by the lack of planetary growth, forced purgings and stillness when we should move. Been feeling a little underwhelmed by our separatism, disregard for the discipline to “Do Better”, lend a loving embrace or ability to find stillness and stop all distractions from moving.

So yesterday, I shot a Live on Instagram @alafiawellness. I’m super new to the process and its by no means perfect. But what it was was (lol) my effort at vulnerability and asking for advice. It felt good to see my former students pop in. They’re grown with families and now truly friends. And a few of them have sent the encouragement or advice I sought.

Shortly after, I found out a true friend and super colleague had made his transition. He had a heart attack a week or two ago, but we’d chatted on Christmas. He was happy and had no challenges. Just apologizing for not coming on my March Tour of Egypt, because he would be back in Ghana. Now this.

Once my heart and eyes stopped aching to know that was our last chat, I stopped thinking about me and spent rest then wake time thinking about him. One thing Hudson left us was a legacy of excellence. He was an excellent man. A human Being. King and passionate photographer, child of Civil Rights Movement, who’d repatriated to Ghana with his family as a teen–taught me so much more than physics or how to navigate Detroit Public Schools. He did more than sneak rice crispie treats to Mina or take sausage biscuits as a late pass to first block lol. He taught all of us the balance of being sincere but not being so damn serious. He taught us in direct, common sense, loud laughter, brass ass ‘so what if I’m wrong’ life goes ons. He was a father, scholar, and athlete who never claimed to be the best at any of them but always shared, “you know what Craighead, all you can do is try your best. Everything’s going be all right, trust, you’ll see. And if not, ha fuck it and try again.”

So actually, the temple is gone but the Rasta and his good vibration is eternal. And that’s what I want to share this lovely Cairo morning with you. When you love yourself and others, take chances and tell Truth, you have the luxury of telling fear to STFU (he taught me & that loud 4th block that too lol) and the nicest flight of No Regrets.

If you need that No Regrets mantra in your Life, commit to it now. Don’t let the time of ‘perfect vision’ find you with clenched fists and eyes, scared of what you could do stop you from being the world’s best you. Don’t depreciate your time or devalue your existence. Show the beauty of each breath, experience and memory. And I have to confess it is even a gift–of the most humbling kind– in grieving to know the ones you loved “did the damn thang” and did it right or wrong, but did life Well. Lived Fully. And left you here to Shine On. Don’t waste the lesson. Or regret the time. Just Do You. And Give Thanks.

I’ve had some of the greatest role models. I can’t and won’t dream or play small. And I’ll bet, neither should You.

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