Straighten Your Crown

A few weeks ago my friend called and said, “I need to get away. Can I come to Cairo?”

I was like, “of course. It’ll be so fun even with me working; we’ll make it work.”

And it’s crazy but that’s how life goes. Would I want her to wait and come on the Egypt Tour? Of course! Would she want to be there for her youngest who got the flu while she was gone? Of course! Could we have timed it better and had the whole family come? Of course! Do I wish I could give buttwhoopins, stern lectures and early bed to my godchildren who were a part of the need to get away? Of course! She could’ve waited until summer in Atlanta, where we built out 8year friendship in Atlanta. But no, not then, now. And not there, out ‘cheah‘!, in Cairo.

But more importantly, I didn’t care about circumstances. I was just glad my friend reached out and chose me. By heart and proximity, surely she has closer friends and even a blood sister. But that’s not what her inner voice whispered. She was called to craft her own eyes wide open-walk in legacy-live your best life-love vibe I’ve been elevated and comfy on since becoming an expat.

That urgency in her voice spoke to my Spirit. My friend is an awesome, pretty, intelligent, happily married, good mom of 4 really cool and super blessed kids. She is the CEO of her Team and we love them.

Life’s urgency is why I created Alafia Wellness Network 15+ years ago. I saw too many people not enjoying the balance of peace and wellness. I decided when I became a yoga teacher, that I would teach for love and not money. I would talk to inspire and listen to know the loving hearts of my clients. And share stories and wisdom that I know, saves lives.

Each and everyone of us has those times. Those times that make us fucked up human as much as humbled & humane. Those are the times, that show you what you’re made of. And it starts off simply. Not eating enough, eating too much or fitful then no sleep. To Do lists that should be Too Done. Months of neglected self-care, doing too much, feeling too little, wanting innovation, not recognizing tradition and wondering how the hell to find your zone when ain’t none of it–right then–comfort.

But hallast that’s not what was in store. We each get to a breaking point. A point where all the good in our lives don’t seem to matter one damn bit to those who love us the most…including ourselves.

We didn’t go deep too soon. We just walked together, like sisters do. And talked when the time was right.

And in the interim, my girl got it all! Time, space, rest, communication with family, blessings, nicknames, hugs from babies, neighborhood gems, sumptuous spa days, personal drivers (by land & Nile), magnanimous history, ever-evolving Egyptian culture, new friends, loud laughs and re reminders of real love.

And without all the drama, which I’ll ‘save fahyah mama’, suffice it to say, on the 9th day of her trip Sis looked at me and said simply, “girl thank you. I needed to straighten my crown”.

good words...

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