School Daze, Sharp Gaze

Logging in to day after day for online school is so surreal. We have completed our 2nd week. I have the big kids, so outside of random wifi data issues, and the occasional “you didn’t say we had to work” short-lived type of ‘tude; things are pretty chill. I go for walks every other day. I don’t find myself on my mat enough. Well I am on there, but Stillness is debatable. I find that nature makes me feel more grounded, simply because. That’s not new for me. But I don’t chill in my street clothes at home anymore. I put on clean lounge wear that hasn’t been outside with whatever air, radio or other waves are impacting what we used to call regular life. I wash my hands every time I come inside. lol, ‘That’s what she said’.

Anywho, my family all over the globe are well, and I hope you can say the same. Give Thanks. I do, so often. Able to relax into the social distancing, however, I am having a bit of a go with increased screen time. Honestly, I prefer the physical distance of my work desk top computer. It isn’t facing my major organs closely. But the Mac? Nope, on my lap. And honestly, my hands feel tingly too much. My mind knows this is not safe. So by and large, in terms of time–not convenience–I don’t enjoy it.

I live for the family connections and the positive reading/viewing online. That is the best killer of daze. I refocus my gaze. And I resist the triggers of others, to refocus purposefully. I do love the hunt of a study, to increase my prowess in natural healing or a respite into good book. But I am working my way toward fulfilled use of my non-screen time. And not always writing. Get out of my head and DO Something. I have a guitar. And know the first 2 chords of “Redemption Song”. So there is a lot going on. And that’s true for all of us.

When I think about online education, I used to think, “hells yeah, school from the beach!” But nah, not really. I mean I have a virtual background that looks like the beach, but… We gotta find our Namaste, some other way. And encourage each other while we do.

I am enjoying cooking for myself, spending time looking out the window and being in bed to watch the sunrise with the early Call to Prayer. Of course miss the human dynamic of teaching yoga, English and history. I miss hugs & fist bumps. I miss the relief on adult yogi faces and seeing my kids smile. Bc for my kids, other stuff is going on…in every aspect, they are becoming and all of this in a world we, the elders are not always proud to offer them.

I remember when I was a member at Renaissance Unity–a progressive community of believers and metaphysicists and just good people from all walks of life. Our most delightfully unorthodox spiritual leader, Marianne Williamson used to say, ‘God will look out for you. If there is an angel over every blade of grass, whispering “grow”, you know you have not been forgotten’.

With that power in mind, I’m just honored to guide my Light. I am grateful to be the same for others in my community and world. I am honored to have a safe place to practice all that I am becoming, and remain all that I am. On some level real folks on social media need to stay close, not distant. There will be times when we all need a buoy. I think the condition of the world is making a lot of folk more emotionally honest, spiritually active and intellectually approachable. And that is something good.

We have much to learn about being a gentler species or we will be eradicated. Knowing that, I feel blessed to have so many on my journey–past present and future. Today, especially for my grade 12s. They have blossomed so much in my heart. So much deeper than history or English. They keep showing up bc they have goals and dreams that they won’t be talked out of. And because they trust me show them a little of the value of Life, being fully present and well expressed…

Maaaaaan, what more can I say?

Look at God.




good words...

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2 years ago

Thank you for sharing. We must keep our lights shining bright even though our current circumstances are dim.