“Your silence will not protect you”

When Audre Lorde spoke those words decades ago, it resounded in the hearts of people worldwide. Those persecuted for religion or race, gender or sexuality, class or circumstance–we felt what she meant.

The problem is that our feelings have not moved enough to take action. Appropriate action would be for us to build better laws, more kindness and justice for all.

I’ve had very little to say, blog-wise as the global covid-19 contamination has rocked the world we once knew.

We’ve had the matriarch of our family join the Ancestors in the last month. And part of me wonders how well the medical professionals were able to focus on her very normal reason for going to the hospitals with the exacerbated number of patients who are covid victims. Idk, my heart hurts. And I just haven’t had much to say.

But then the internet introduced us to Ahmaud Arbrey. A young man whose fate was altered, not by his maker, but by his racist community and the actions of people who have exercised their second amendment right to bear arms, but no forebearance of logic or compassion.

If this didn’t go viral, these bastards would still be free. Ahmaud was executed for jogging while Black, 23 February 2020.

An equally horrific problem is that the state of Georgia has open carry and stand your ground laws…like Florida and we know how that worked for Zimmerman, but not Cynthoia Brown.

This Amerikan reality is one that I do not miss, living in Egypt. But I am no less a Black woman, with Black men and women in my life whom I love and pray for.

Racism is the language that authorizes citizens to mind the business of others, to tail, question and assault. Apathy is the language that finds any admissibility in these terroristic acts. Ignorance is the language of legislation that allows vigilantism for some but condemns even the open thought, concern and voice of others.

It’s no secret that the Amerikkkan justice system is broken along lines of race, class, religion and gender. So I am praying for the Arbreys and every heart affected by this brother’s senseless murder.

Give thanks for the power of going viral or the guilty would still be free. But I’m waiting to see WTF needs to happen to legislate dejur & defacto change. Real change that makes a difference in the entitled and hate-filled heads of white males and their silent compatriots.

Like Rhianna said, tell your white friends to “PULL UP”. Effecting, affecting and exacting justice is everybody’s business. Americans desperately need to eradicate race bating laws, create just legislation that serves a civilized society. Such laws may produce impacted hearts, educated purchasers and families with common sense and decency. If not, it should at least clearly and stridently punish those who are vile, violent and allowed to make up reasons to take another’s life.

good words...

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