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The Nguzo Saba, 7 days of Kwanzaa

So I closed my blog because I needed time to deal. For many of us the shock of Coronavirus was more than Asian news of the winter. For me, the seriousness of the shift neared climax in March. favorite cousin, Aunt Gaye, passed in April, and honestly it was huge and strange without the traditional closure of our Homegoing celebrations. While there are always roses, many of us were devastated by lots of thorns: travel bans, illness, quarantine, lies, social injustice, too little rest, scams, deaths, endings, hopes, sabbatical, budgets, home, homeless, and many moves.

Ras has decided to proceed in life on his own. We tried so many ways in the years that have come and gone. And although he and I were growing, loving and quite magical; it is not enough. Forewarned, um glad we didn’t listen bc truly there’s an enigmatic levitylove in our years. But that’s the thing abt life. It takes more than one thing. Choosing what can never serve Us, He is Free. And his free is one of the reasons I love him so. We complimented each other, but we are not enduring. As they say here in Jamaica, “he had the handle and you had the blade”. Lesson learning: let go, or keep getting cut.

As an only of many lanes, I tuck neatly in myself to learn, rest, heal, and soar. I think in some ways we all do. But now that my pen is back to mightier than the sword (see what I did there?!sword.blade. lol), I will catch you, dear reader up on Alafia Wellness.

My sis calls it #wheelsUP. And it’s been great.

I’ve leaned into nature because I was out of nurture. And you know what? Thru the storms, we all can grow. And bloom. I’m peeking, peaking and omw.

In May, I hosted a 21-day Manifestation Cyber Circle. Honestly, it was one of the most moving experiences of the year. I worked hard to be steady, silent, sunny and a loving vessel for those who trusted me to aid in their development. And for a quarantined, career teacher, they were my favorite class: 17 brilliant minds who focused rightfully on themselves. They grew and gave me Life! We shared moving meditations, music, and our noticings, thorns or progress. Spirit blessed me to deliver something of power each day. And in the months since, I have seen each of them give up what they didn’t vibe with and call down exactly what they wanted. I am humbled because they let me see.

So in the Spirit of Kwanzaa, I am back. Back to share, back to see. Back in community. For me, leading any class is a attestation of knowledge and love. This week-long Kwanzaa meditation will be no different. You don’t have to check in, but I’d love it if you did. There is space in my life for new & adventurous work, but also even more space for fearless, beautifully balanced, Spirit driven Lights. And the specialness of kind companionships. And so friends, hear me when I say, I need a little checking on myself.

If you don’t know about Kwanzaa, here is a brief overview. Founded by Maulana Karenga in the USA, circa 1965, Kwanzaa is a non religious, cultural celebration and reminder of how to live clean and active in our communal best. Away from the capitalism and bastardization of Christian Christmas, in Kwanzaa we make our gifts, sing traditional songs, show out in Afrikan dance, pour libations for our Ancestors, plan our future teamworks and break bread together. We take on Afrikan names that describe and love and announce us. Originally created for empowerment of Blacks in Amerika, Kwanzaa has 7 days with each day focused on one value. Kwazaa’s 7 days are the Nguzo Saba from 26 December – 1 January each year. Kwanzaa rituals are often experienced together but rooted internally. Ritual strengthens our cultural pride and community spirit. The language of Kwanzaa is KiSwahili and the vowels are pronounced like English. The traditions of Kwanzaa’s “first fruits” are from our African Ancestors. However, they will resonate with indigenous cultures worldwide.

In celebration we say, Habari Gani?! which means “what’s the news!?” And each day the Watoto–children answer with glee, the day of Kwanzaa, because that is great news of the day! Today is UMOJA! And it means We Stand, Address and Power Up Together, in UNITY.

Follow me on Instagram @alafiawellness for words of might. Allow me to love on you as you read aloud and let pure intentional power wash over you. I aim to guide you on your own Kwanzaa journey. You are a sweet fruit of humanity and deserve support in your grow-show-flow into the best of everything.

Happy Kwanzaa 2020. Harambe! Harammmmmbeeeee!!!!!

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1 year ago

Thank you, Lorena! Such power and grace moving through you. Continued blessings to you, friend.

1 year ago

Thank you. Words have power and I needed this plug 🔌 in this beautiful morning. “And still I rise” Maya Angelou.