Ends to the Beginnings & BIG Up 2021

Reflecting upon the first month of 2021, i am humbled by all the things that the political and natural world continue to endure. Never too routed to things beyond my control, i enjoy serving as witness. For each test, surely a testimony. And I revel in the time that we each possess moments to shine.

Here at GoNatural Jamaica, I am sharing my passion for yoga with travelers. I am learning patience with the wifi as I gather a great deal of wisdom from new souls met on their own journeys. Over the last 7 mos, having had so many changes–in location at the very least–I am pleased to remain in a space of sacredness with my SpiritWalk. One of the many lessons I am empowering is that like here in Long Bay, there will be waves. Like the wind, eye can caress or whip. Like the nights, I howl or hunker down. It is my choice and my mantra for a life well lived. For a reprieve, retreat, restore, recharge of my own, all of these things I am living through nature.

One challenge is that at some point sabbatical will reshape to either my professional life as a secondary school educator, or nah. Maybe I would rather be ready for a new professional adventure, pero yo no se. So when Spirit brings the abundance that I seek into all aspects of my life, know that I don’t seek returns without investments. So I am stoked and scared, but um heah! And I am ready to GROW. Grow my service to wellness in an assortment of destinations. Grow my 21 Day Manifestation Circle from Spring 2020 to each of you in real time chats, classes and webinars. So Stay Tuned! And please BIG UP 2021: it’s a Ujamma resurrection year!

I have been inspired by how colorful life is. As I share stories with others, I am not unique in this growing self-pursuit, but bonded with all those doing similar work in their own ways. I have seen this in so many. But most recently goddesses who traverse amongst us like Omolewa, sacred entheogenist doula and 5star hostess, Jenn the Most High Baker, Jyll & Porcia at Urban Asanas keeping it Black+Funky Namaste, Jennifer of FaithThrivers– Check us OUT for your premium nutritional supplements & skin care: http://lcraig04.thrive123.com, Simone of Fenixx_Simone bridging space worldwide by showing up as your favorite teacher & boutique or Lorraine of Journey.to.Self_ who is so HER you can’t help but learn somsom abt YOU. These are simply a few. And rest assured there are more. Global folks who serve a peace that is divine…a focus that is productive and a heart that prospers in straightforward courage and kindness. There is a quiet, regal reflection when you link for healing off or on the mat. Thru the union of authenticity and breath…We Thrive.

So I bring the good energy of all to the mat, truly. At the end of the day, striving to be our best is the apex of our agenda. As our Canadian friends are commanded home or relegated to being expats until May, we know from one nation that the pandemic will continue to change our plans–often beyond our control.

In this week of chakra meditations and gentle Iyengar aligned asanas, much has blossomed for a petal open practice in yogis here with me. We come to the mat to let go of controlling anything except our personal power. We come to the mat to gather the powers which already exists, extending into new missions of Love & Light.

In a world that demands things and timelines and aggression, control may seem like a major tool to possess. This is a world that we can not control, but clearly need to nurture. As an educator, that is a WIN. A good lesson taught with solid objectives met. Taking #yogilifestyle with us when we rise from our mat, we can walk through life poised and knowing.

We don’t aim to control anything except ourselves. All else will manifest fruit either of sweetness or bitters. Our own beginnings, middles and ends, are no longer terrifying to execute. These phases of life and time are reminders to do, go or be more. To decide on your own safety and sanctity. Choosing is par for the course. Choose wisely, since it is your life and your story to tell. Our choices give birth to the magic within. And with that magic, we can participate in the magical manifestations of the universe, surely to the delight of the Ancestors.

So the next time you’re at an end…wit’s end or end of the path, end of money or end of fukshit, just remember that the spirit of commencement is built into each end and every beginning. Building on your set foundation, smile even if there are moments of pain. Everything in you is knowledge born. Don’t flinch, just wait. Breathe. Hold. Breathe. Release. The richness will show its self. How will you know, you may wonder. So here is a hint, until we see each other again: You are free to transcend.

good words...

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