40 Days of Love

In the Christian calendar, Lent is 40 days that precede Resurrection Day or Easter. According to some scholars, Lent does not include the Sabbath. However Lent, like Ramadan, does include focused fasting, giving to the less fortunate and deep meditation.

One major lesson of the Lenten Season is that the faithful “give up” something to deepen their faith and ensue piety. Whether you identify with the revolutionary Black Messiah Jesus, Michaelangelo cousin, Ras at 12, Harvest Time or Spring Equinox, Yahweh or another version of divinity; Lent is a time for us to be still, in order to prepare for a powerful  change.

For the non, rusty or semi Christian or the surely more spiritual than religious, a quick refresher from my  canon. Lent is the time Jesus Christ spent in preparation for his coming execution. He was isolated in the desert where he tempted, fasted and prayed. When he returned from the desert, Holy Week began. But that week of miracles would end with his arrest.

An interesting note is that Jesus, born Jewish of an immaculate conception was a prophet. And like prophets of every faith, he was persecuted, wildly unpopular with his elders and know for his strangely loving morals. These morals are said to have been enriched by his connection to his Father God, cousin John the Baptist and enhanced by his studious travels in Egypt & India.

Jesus was an abomination to some. His affiliation with and efforts to teach the love of the father were seen as both insolent and illegal. It is in the parables that we clearly see the intersection of heaven and earth in all of us. Being our divine selves requires: Training. Focus. Alms.

Jesus’ execution was the price paid for our sins. This price covers humans who choose to believe and those who do not know better–from then on–to have the possibility of eternal life. IF, if they have lived according to God’s commandments & laws enough to avoid earthly and eternally harsh punishment. And following his “only begotten son’s” parables, miracles, and actions in the New Testament of The Bible

Having been given the word, Christ used his final 40 days to prepare us and himself for the saving grace. From hence, the chroniclers of Biblical history have produced many prayers and lessons.

In those 40 days, a lot happened. Whether you see it biblically, historically, metaphorically or not at all, know that is your right. I come in peace, but I’m here to share & introduce an exciting new Alafia Wellness venture.

Season of Self Love

In the tradition of Lent, we will spend 40 days together, supporting each other. We will fast from negative self chatter and judgement of others. Some may give up meat, sugar or other toxicities. But the Alafia Wellness part of the fast, which will invigorate you, is that we will fast from being too busy to spend time on self-care.

I aim to inspire a few of the most divine parts of your season. Readying us all for this and something better.

In our 40 days online together, we will meditate, chat, manifest, and stretch to ready ourselves for the Holy Week…knowing that every week is holy. With our cups full of love, forgiveness, reflection and release, we will find ways to share what we have in time, talent or treasure with the less fortunate.

Welcome to Lovin’ On Me a collective exploration during the Season of Lent.

I will recorded or post here and on all of my social media outlets.

Please add yourself and a friend to the mailing list so you have company on your journey.

Send me a comment below if you want me to check on you throughout our Season of Self Love.

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SiMone Garcia
1 year ago

Yes, I’m starting with you. Keep me tapped in !