Season of Love starts Now!

Greetings, and thank you for joining us. As you may recall, the Alafia Wellness Season of Love is a time for all of us to give up being too busy to tend to our spiritual selves, our healthiest selves, our kindest and most astute selves.

One commitment that I have chosen to make is to own the challenges & blockages I get. Sometimes in the completing of big and sometimes scary tasks, I start to get too busy to finish or too sincere to be on that low vibration…yeah you got to laugh at yourself. But seriously, I want 2020 to be the last year I flake on doing something (or someone lol) that I care about. I also always have to invigorate eating to live and meditating more regularly–especially when I am itching to complain.

So set your intention. In the next 40 days, you will receive a gift. Led by Lorena, but totally for you. In this 2021 Season of Lent, we are dedicating time from each day to create and sustain our Season of Love.

So I am asking you to commit to prioritizing your self, with me, for 40 days. Each day, I will post a quick video on our AlafiaWellness youtube channel. Each video will share the focus for the day, asansas to clear and balance your chakras and a task for your spirit work.

Every 8 days a few things will happen:

+I will post the notes that go with the videos here. Send me a message if you prefer an email, so the links are live. Do yourself a favor and play the songs! Chiiiiiilllllleeeee I had fun choosing them. Put in some free style sweat equity and enjoy!

+1 AWN newbie or tribe member will leave a powerful comment, place an order from our AWN shop, subscribe or tell a friend. That randomly selected luckyducky will also WIN AlafiaWellness swag. Post and Tag ME!

For the next 40 days, I am humbled to share this with you. The Season of Love is here to shower you with:

+support, in your peeling off layers that restrict your flight. You will be fully present to transcend.

+resting on your divine, inner wisdom. You will become more of the excellence that you are.

+truthfulness that leaves no room for playing small. You find balance between your inner and outer worlds.

+forgiveness & compassion to bless yourself and others. You are lovable and worthy of greatness.

+discernment to know what is and is not for you, no matter how popular. You have the wisdom to respect yourself and live your power.

+intimacy that you deserve, grows and compliments you. You respect others, who reflect your creativity and passions.

+security to know that all is well. You are safe. You belong wherever you choose to thrive.

Season of Love — Foundations

good words...

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Sehrish Karim
Sehrish Karim
1 year ago

love this