2021–A Poem for Gabe’s Generation

Take it e a s y, Star.
No rush to adulthood. It’s a weird ‘hood
with cheap bastards in toxic boxes
of thought and edifice.
Posers really who still think

C’est vraiment!, you’ll be smarter
than a lot of the intellects
bc all they know is books.
But don’t let the secrets of Truth or Beauty leave you
the way innocence does a child & games.
Ready or Not.
Savor big peaces for yrSelf
is staying humble
esp while defying any pre-existing lanes.

Being direct, social and just when advocating for the silenced.
It is as important
as making space for the marginalized.

This is not just a race or class thing.

This is a human thing.
We Thrive.
We Create Options
and Take Them.
We Charge our compatriots with keeping
a high, broad bar

And mirror.

If life is a love song,

she/he/they will surely break your heart
And rebuild to baptize you
slightly, sternly and sexualize you
You may feel dirty and love it soulfully.

So Be It.
Authenticity is the currency of post covid survival.
We welcome crunchy moments as all that humanity is

All eye ask is that u remember that we shared more than English.

Each moment, You DO.
Fuk Try.
Command, fully.

Live to Know
Loves and Truths
of all time.
Respect primal power as grace.
I don’t have to see you. To see you.

Stir Kindness.
LiveUP Potential.
Alone +\ TribeVibe
We select who walks among us

And how.
They too are reflections.
Forgive Easily.
Forget likkle
And Soarrrrrrrrr.

good words...

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