Moving through Grace

In these blessed 40 days of Lent, I have witnessed change in myself and others. I hope that you are feeling the subtle changes too.

For me, I like control. I like knowing who is coming and going. It is a matter of safety for me. This is not always a positive however. And I have had to look at both sides in examples with daily life and focused meditation. Goal is to be the best and most balanced version of myself–as a habit.

So, as we all examine Lent. View the 40 days as an experience of what our soul needs. Find ways to adorn each moment with love & grace. But don’t be soft. Be rigorous and consistent to reap what you sew.

A part of love is giving. Giving in to, giving up, giving to, giving above, giving through, giving in spite of…et cetera. With that same energy the requires balance, we shift. Mentally, physically, Spiritually. For the previous days in March, we have been shifting from introductory FOUNDATIONS, into PURGING which is needed to both give and receive. Rebirth and reclaim You, in this Season of Love.

Please refer to this guide as a manual of supportive suggestions, sent to me through research and stillness. Listening on all of our behalf.

Know that rigor suits you. As does success. And growth. And forgiveness. And joy …add you own.

To the fulfillment of the biggest and best in all aspects of your being…let the PURGING begin.

good words...

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