Fortifying Yourself in the Season of Love is on YouTube

In day 15 of our 40 day countdown, we have demonstrated a sincere commitment. We have moved in our self love from practice to dedicated habit. This is not selfishness. No– rather, this Season of Love has proven to be about being selfless, Spiritual, and creating a launchpad for greater survival.


Be bold in your commitment. Your healing is yours to claim and nurture. That’s why we must FORTIFY.

Your divinity is yours to accentuate with energy and wisdom. 

And when you think your voice is being subverted, your authenticity challenged, your dynamism blurred, it is then that you must speak. For all those before and after you, for YOU. Truth is our Light. Speak, because you know. 

Thank you for committing to yourself and tuning in to AlafiaWellness.

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