Closing out the Season of Love

For those of us of a Spiritual existence, we know that the Human experience can be trying. So with that in mind, I created the Season of Love. If you haven’t been here the whole time, you may not know. But the Season of Love is the Alafia Wellness and Alafia4Wellness effort to bring solitude to the weary masses.

The need for solitude in a tumultuous world never ends. And by dedicating our time and energy to loving ourselves, better and more righteously, the hope is that I have been a light for myself and others. I want to be your supporter and guide, so that you remember YOU ARE EXACTLY AS ORDAINED. . . AMAZING.

Keep being your most empowered YOU.

If this SpiritWalk tune up has meant anything to you or for you, please leave a comment below. Sometimes guiding by an inner light is scary or seems lonely. I just appreciate you for whatever you brought and whatever you got from being here.

It’s my last 33 days in Jamaica. Check the TRAVEL UPDATES PAGE for the live countdown. I am nervous about leaving this paradise and vortex of high spiritual vibrations. But I trust the work, know the truth and proceed in the Light. I am humbled, grateful and ready. Go Natural Jamaica has been a real POWER UP experience for me. And YOU, if you make here to join me.

Our Season of Love Concludes. Here, all together instead of posted a day at a time!

Thank you for your tuning in and tuning up. It has been an honor and pleasure. I hope that you have crafted divinity in your world. Actually, I know you have.

See you in my next post. Enjoy the holyness of each day.

good words...

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1 year ago

“I trust the work, know the truth and proceed in the Light.” Beautifully put!