What Still Matters Most: In the 1st 100 days of 2021

The universe is a spiritual place that will teach you if you let it. Try to get schooled, only once; as the lessons get bigger and deeper PDQ!

That’s PDQ=pretty damn quick.

The world mourned the passing of DMX, last night. X, from what we know of his music, interviews, Iyanla fixin’ and outbursts was indeed the X factor. What folks love abt him will remain endless; as art and artist of the highest caliber often do. And fahsho, DMX, Rest In Peace.

For the first 100 days, the reflections are clear. Sit still and see.

Fear will still fuck yr day, but after endulging your SpiritWalk in the Season of Love, we should all be showing up PDQ and “unfuckwitable”.

My final 21 days in Jamaica (this time) are no different than the previous five months. Nature is teaching me so much through the power of meditation and study. Spirit is showing up, giving me the humility of manifestation, and the fun honor of working in education & healing.

Sometimes we like monuments to memorialize the good. In some regard that strike me as an incomplete vibration. I say if you live in the present, that’s good.

To me, there were parts of DMX that were a tortured soul. A beautiful disaster. A hot ass mess. A brilliant incandescent Light. And I will miss knowing he is with us Being all of that. I don’t wanna clean him up for a world he’s invisible to. He is “clean clean pretty” as they say, to me.

If you really know or love a Black man, you feel me. The depths and layers of a king are 360degrees…Peaceful yet turbulent like the sea. Natural in all its glory, and likewise a legacy of power & magic rests upon our queens and families, too.

We are nature, when we allow it. When we sit with ourselves, listen within, learn from those around us, laughing & forgiving we heed the wisdom of the elders, in & to all things showing respect…

These are power moves. That is being fully present.

So in the 1st 100 days, I hope you have slowed down. Got over yourself and into your Spirit. I hope that your soul light and practical works find you being your higher self. That you are expressing enough—and not so much that you’re exhausted.

You are the Light. I know you are, the clarity and purposeful earth angel the Creator sent you to be. And you don’t have to explain. Trust me. Just Be.

That’s it for the 100.

“They don’t know, Who We Be…”

good words...

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