The Heartbreak of Being Black or Humane in Amerikkka

Reaction to seeing a Black teen slammed to the concrete
Video by Khaelyn Jefferson

“I am so sad,” her text begins.

I immediately call my daughter. We discuss the story I hadn’t heard of MaKiyah Bryant.

Fifteen year old MaKiyah called the police for help to intercede and protect her from bullies on her block. By the end of police “assistance”, Ms. Bryant had been shot 4 times and pronounced dead.

I know I’m sick of Amerikkka. Same day as George Floyd’s cop murderer was charged and found guilty on all counts, MaKiyah was assassinated by an officer who could only shoot a teen with a knife. Apparently no other deescalation training stuck from the academy.

Guilty on all counts. One step for human rights.

As best I can, I remind my rainbow coalition of friends to see me. To see Us. To see and respect the pain, love, light and magic that shows up as as grace–whether they overstand or not.

In the hearts and minds of Black people, violence against us is this aching that never quite subsides. Lately, it is also being felt by our allies. I won’t get into a bunch of acronyms bc idk who made them up, but suffice it to say, we are all human; yet not all humane.

When non-Blacks feel the intensity of back to back violence, of Black Lives Matter-ing and Human Rights being a foundation for respect, then we can do the work of Justice. World wide. Until then, Black people will continue to protest, talk loud, be disruptive until “equality for one and all” is accepted throughout.

Alone in Cairo, I sat in tears when I read about George Floyd. It was neither the first nor last time I had been shaken to my core. Violence belies how unprepared for duty and over prepared for racist programming the police of many amerikkkan towns are. In Amerikkka, the police force was established as an off-shoot of the then irrelevant slave master, overseer, sharecropper boss and Klan affiliate. So we know their traditions.

Miss me with not all cops are bad. It’s true. Some officers embody an officer and a gentleman. Others are brutes, or back in the day we called them pigs. If all “who aren’t bad” had been speaking up and speaking up loudly, we wouldn’t be here. Again. We wouldn’t have to mourn the failure of families, foster care and police. We wouldn’t have to bury another wrongfully murdered, Black Princess.

Imploring each of us to take leadership roles in our churches, posts and communities is part one of changing the generationally violent narrative of police
abuses. With misgiven power and trickle-down corruption, there is a toxic cancer in the justice system which functions very much like genocide. This cancer, in all its appearances, must be eradicated.

There need to be open spaces with police, civilians, veterans and others in need of healing. Advance to the growing need for legitimate mental health spaces. Everyone, not just police, should be empowered to confront their fears.

However, in social justice and human dignity, it is imperative that the institutional manuals and academies promote balanced policing. Re-direction, humane logic and trained clarity are needed in each officer’s commmitment to protecting and serving society, as a whole.

I agree, if you scared–don’t be a cop. If you care about human rights–don’t be a silent cop. If you want better days to hand to our offspring–have open conversations about how fucked up this all is. If you want to dry the tears of injustice–assess and employ personal power to diffuse & rebrand this narrative. Also, keep your passport current & pay yourself, first. Meditate to sti yr breath and yr heart…You deserve breaks from toxicity.

If you choose to be more than human–Humane in your expression of humanity, that’s great! Stop the tears of the humane. There is nothing more heartbreaking than knowing better, doing better, yet being powerless to those who are neither.

Within this sad forecast, we can build fire to destroy, warm or mold justice for all. Each of us are humane, duty-bound and destined to live fully bc it leads to Free.

We are the ones who start or continue the chats, the peaceful protests, the groups, the links, the prayers or reading lists…We Are the Invigorators of Change. Again….


MaKiyah Bryant

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