Into A ‘New’ Consciousness

My high school homegirl, Renaissance Unity/Church of Today scholar and sisterfriend, Dee in Cairo and I have been restudying the Eight Steps Into the Mastermind Consciousness to really clear a professional and spiritual path for our 2022. This process is a new one for me. I feel a great sense of pride and comfort knowing that I will always be a teacher, but to plan and execute changing venues, employing strategies or skills that I don’t possess are all honestly experiences that I hadn’t developed the foresight to consider. The entire world has been shaken like a snow globe, and our fragility is showing like dirty knickers behind the bleachers. First 2020 and now 2021 has been the founding of an enigmatic trilogy. Just hoping that its closing chapter–2022, is waaaaay better, holistically.

Globally, there is a lot of talk and movement, especially amongst my set–educators, who are being led to other more fulfilling adventures. Sounds crazy because I am still fulfilled by teaching, but the confines snatched away for safety and social distancing have shown all of us how much we can and must do within the changes of venue: work, church, school, health, everything. And how one small piece impact others is tantamount. Millions of career folks and workers are realizing how much more they can and should WFA–work from anywhere. There is a time to re-evaluate one’s core values. That time is–ya better say yesterday years old, because the world has been screaming WAKE UP, louder than Spike Lee ever did. Without knowing the specifics, in so many ways, we have been warned.

It is hard to think about better while changing your mind, your life, your source of income, your stance on compulsory education or medicine, on what safety is and is not, what interdependence is and is not. Many are disappointed by the American political landscape, maybe because they have been sleeping as time, but not as many circumstances have changed. Americans are still being held hostage by a democracy that only abuses rather than protects the people. Stifling blindness to justice where race is involved–characteristically and age old Amerikan, we suffer through a deeply divided sense of patriotism that is too often neither sane nor loving of one’s country and citizens. Impressed with chucks and pearls or old Dems coming new, is exhausting to bear witness to the levels of self-medication people choose over the inconvenience of proven Truth.

I guess I am just tired. Tired of being peaceful when there are stupid repetitive things that truly piss me off. I am exhausted by a life time of struggle and progress that isn’t seeping deep enough into the consciousness of our nation and more than our nation, our One World. And I know I am not alone, but this misery is even tired of company. Good people, regardless of or because of race are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”. Murders being tried by color over actions. Energy spent witnessing victims generationally victimized. Ready to shut down systems of justice for reminding us that it is still Just Us. And I know many people have grown toward the light, toward a new courage to be fair or honest or hell, quiet. I see the equality and efforts in entertainment and the quality of our discussion and stories. It is all a start and giant steps in a lasting and moving direction. And I appreciate the efforts.

Idk. I am gathering new skills, while moving big things out of my way to speak less with my voice and more with my actions. To share less publicly and more distinctively divinely. Sentiment, like life isn’t just confusing because we are Americans; it is confusing because we are human. Some of us with ethereal gifts, can see that there is a great divide between what we have done to and what we will do for the planet. And from there, we better get good and clear. Starting with yourself, sharing with others, if you so choose. Releasing, forgiving, readying, manifesting toward and into a new consciousness, this is our human charge. This is the work of Spiritual Beings having Human Experiences.

Less than 2 months left in this awkward ass but delightful middle child of 2021, we always have chance to be gracious and grateful, bold and beautiful to be the love and light that makes 2022 an honest and unique place of passion, progress, prosperity and priorities. Well, at least that’s my plan. What’s yours?

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